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In a world where "physical" is becoming "digital" and "offline" is transfering to "online", where software is the main transformational force, we are helping our clients become companies of tomorrow - strong, innovative and resilient, powered by our innovative software solutions that bring the best out of your data. With our unique blend of experience and expertise, we are helping our clients bring their business to the next level, while making the whole digital transformation journey as safe and painless as possible.


About True North

True dedication and relentless inovation

We are dedicated to every client and their success by focusing on their dreams & goals and working closely together in order to achieve them. We believe that long-term relationships can only be built on sound foundations that include honest, no bullshit approach and true, mutual commitment.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their full potential by implementing tailor-made approach and innovative, state-of-the-art software & data solutions that are product of our diverse business backgrounds and technical skillsets.



Growth mindset and hunger for technology

Our team has in-depth expertise on a wide range of cutting edge modern technologies; from Data & AI and various ways of how to extract value from your data to the "classic" software development, in order to infuse those insights in your applications and products. We also provide guidance to our clients in their cloud modernisation journey through our knowledge of container orchestration platforms and Cloud Native solutioning based on Microservice architectures, Serverless computing and Event driven systems.

Our expertise also includes RPA and Blockchain, as well as establishing client tailored DevOps procedures. Deep domain and consultancy experience, along with Agile project management, enables us to efficiently analyse and solve your pain points while also accelerating your technology landscape, keeping in mind future technology trends.


Our Team

Meet our team

Our team is a very cool and smart group of professionals with a real passion for technology, software and problem solving. We have a proven track record on the real world problems and solutions ranging from greenfield to traditional Enterprise, from Cloud to Mainframe, from highly distributed Microservice architecture to traditional Monoliths. We’ve seen it all. Our team consists of former technology practice leads, architects and lead developers that gathered their experience by working for the largest tech companies in the world on high complex IT projects. Software is eating the world and we are eating software, for breakfast.

Our guys and girls are your best friends you never knew you had;)   


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