The only way to create great things is to surround yourself with great people who truly enjoy their job and have freedom to do what they do best. Great things follow when you find your True North - it's a credo we live by, internal vision embodied in our name and our DNA. While we are 100% focused and dedicated to our client's success, we are also strong believers that having fun at work matters. Whether you are a client, or a future employee, let's get to know each other and build cool things together!


True North is built by these fine people:

Milan Mistrić

Milan is our data science guru and analytics lead. Before starting the True North, Milan worked as Data & AI Lead in IBM Croatia, where he gathered his experience on both local and international projects, in a wide-range of industries, from Banking & Telco to Public sector. When he is not helping clients on becoming data-driven companies of tomorrow, he is a columnist and TV sports commentator. He holds MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from FER and MSc in Automation Engineering and Robotics from Politecnico di Milano, graduating on the subjects of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and fault predictions. For the past 5 years his primary focus is on the delivery of tangible business value from improved decision making and data monetization via machine learning (ML) algorithms. If you have tons of data and want to make sense of it he's your guy. Incurable generalist, storyteller, data connaisseur and TN torchbearer.

Anamarija Talijanac

Anamarija is our solution architect and engineering lead. Black belt problem solver with a proven track record as a lead on many challenging projects using different platforms & technologies, from "classic" AIX, Mainframe, Websphere to "modern" and state-of-the-art K8s, cloud native development, Serverless, Quarkus and Kafka. [Believe us, her list doesn't end here, but we had to limit it or open a whole new page just for her.] Before she cofounded True North, Anamarija worked as a senior consultant and IT Architect at IBM where she worked on design and implementation of wide range of different enterprise systems in industries like Government, Smart Card, Telecommunications and Banking. Anamarija is passionate about technology, learning new things and helping others. She is also open source enthusiast, coder, mentor and speaker.

Davor Delač

Davor was a 10 year old child when he wrote his first few lines of code. Since then, he wrote few more lines of code. If you ask him for his IT experience, he will not know where to start. Davor holds MSc in Computer Science from the University of Zagreb, graduating in the field of Natural Language Processing. He always wanted to work as a researcher, was amazed by AI, but ended up building complex enterprise systems. He is software engineer, consultant, IT architect, our dev guru and spiritual guide. When things get tough, Davor gets going, with his 'tis but a scratch-we'll deliver in time-mentality that never fails. He worked on projects in telco, public sector, energy, banking and finance industries, covering all steps of software delivery lifecycle. He also worked with a lot of enterprise and cloud technical solutions (open source, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Amazon), but likes to point out that people, not technology, are more important in making a good enterprise solution. Before partnering up in True North, Davor worked in IBM Services for 9 years.

Katarina Bošnjak

Katarina is our analytics consultant and senior data scientist with MSc in Mathematics from University of Zagreb. Love of probability theory, applied statistics and the superpower of asking the right questions made her a data superhero. Her experience is a unique blend of projects in banking, public sector, energy & utility, oil & gas and telco industry. Katarina is helping companies to better understand and utilize data for different business objectives and activities (sales, marketing, managerial decision-making, etc.) by turning raw data into valuable insights. She is not afraid of big volumes of data and complex problems. Her allies in solving these problems are various tools and technologies of big data, BI, ML, etc. as well as her usual charm and calmness.